So, the last time we were at this point the procedure was canceled due to discovery of lumps on my uterine walls during the Sonohystogram/practice transfer.  Now we are back to the beginning and I’m hoping nothing comes up to stop us this time.  I’ve started taking low dose BC pills as of 4/18 and will keep on taking them until we start our injections or I hear otherwise.  Talked to Nurse G. today who has us scheduled for a “teaching” on May 6th – which is really more for Chris to learn how to give me injections I assume.  That should be some interesting stuff- Chris sticking an orange with a needle over and over for practice.

I originally thought that we would be doing all this to line up for transfer before our trip, but I guess we missed this most recent cycle so they have us on the next “train” so to speak.  So as of this moment, we should be starting our shots on May 22nd – just in time to travel east.  I am going to have to look into how we pack syringes and medication for air travel.  I’m imagine it’s a very common thing, but I have to prepare!

To be honest, I just want to get our schedule from the RE in my hands.  Being able to look at the dates for each step of IVF makes me feel like we are moving towards something instead of vacillating in the muckity muck neither-world of neither here nor there.