Just sitting at work recalling a conversation I had with a co-worker back when I was deep in the the depths of despair regarding our infertility issues. She confided in me at the time that, although she desperately loved her children, she perhaps wouldn’t have gone down that route if she could do it all over again. At first I thought she was just saying this to make me feel better, but she was quick to explain that she knew other mothers who felt the same. They loved their kids, but were not so in love with how drastically their lives truly changed once they looked back on it.  The concepts of “losing” oneself and”giving up” huge parts of who one is came up…a lot.  Given all the variables…this conversation stuck in a dark corner of my mind ever since.

I decided to do a quick Google today and came across this post .

I obviously don’t know.

It’s a complex, tough and divisive question.  The responses are enlightening and run the gamut.

Maybe I’ve just had too much time to consider all this.  Maybe I’m starting to truly let go and this is the pathway out. Who knows?

It’s still an interesting question though.

Given how the “pre-structured” happiness pathway is traditionally put to us as: love / marriage / the baby carriage…is it worth contemplating if it’s been a good deal of peer pressure all along?