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I had my first 10 unit dose of Lupron last night in preparation for our upcoming FET.  Problem is, I was supposed to have taken my first dose the night BEFORE.  So, naturally, I panicked.  Then realized it was out of my hands and, after all, I only missed one day so what is the harm?  I mean really now.  Yet, I still feel like a ding-dong for the mistake.

In my aim to shift focusing so hard off these cycles to retain a sense of normalcy, maybe I let the pendulum swing a bit too far?  I mean, I am full steam ahead on work, classes AND the Couch to 5K.  I have to admit it’s been wonderful being so busy.  It has done wonders in helping me focus on the future and not have it always be about babies, babies, babies.  Now it’s shin splints, homework, looking for a better job and naps when I can get ’em.  I love me some naps.

So, anyway…I got the shot done and damn-it if I don’t ALREADY feel a migraine coming on!  Oh Lupron…suck it.  I’m giving this cycle over to the forces of nature.

I feel amazing since we started training.  Four weeks ago Chris and I couldn’t get through 30 second runs without wheezing.  Now we can sail through 5 minutes at a clip!  We are eating AMAZINGLY well (I might give birth to spinach if not a baby soon), and we feel so good.  So much better than before.  So, I know I’m doing what’s right for me and my body.

It’s your ball Mother Nature.

So after our god awfully early doctor’s appointment today, we have been cleared to start stims.

I have a lovely endometrioma hanging out, waiting to make trouble, so we are going to just keep an eye on it as stimming progresses.  The bloodwork came back fine so we are on the road again.

Reducing Lupron to 5 units and starting Follistim & Menopur on Friday.

Next ultrasound in 8 days….

A full week into Lupron and those good ol’ headaches/migraines are back in full swing.  The morning shots are such a breeze now.  Just another part of my morning routine between blending the breakfast smoothie and slapping together lunch.

Had a horrible final exam last night.  Head pounding and completely unable to focus I walked out of there having given all I could muster after a full day of work and lack of sleep.  I’m not feeling so hot about what the results may be but  I did my best and have to leave it at that.

Oh, also on traveling with meds (syringes and Lupron) SOOOOO not a big deal.  I just made it a point to mention to the TSA screeners that there was medication in my carry-on bag and that was that.  I don’t think they even cared, really.  So after that, I feel MUCH better about the concept of traveling and doing IVF.  Since we are going to a wedding in San Fran this weekend I am grateful for the trial run!

Husband and I have finished up our Doxycycline.  I go in for my baseline ultrasound next Wednesday and if all looks good, we could be starting stims at the end of next week.


It’s National Infertility Awareness Week (April 24th – May 1st)!!!

"I'm Confused"

It’s been a confusing few days here.  Regardless of me stopping BCPs on Tuesday and taking my 20 units of Lupron nightly, the bleeding has not eased the way I hoped it would.  I called Dr.’s office on Friday and left message for a nurse to call me back.  I never got a call.  This frustrated me…a lot.

I finally just sat down with Chris and tapped out an email to my Dr. and shot it over as a last resort.  I didn’t want to call his service as I am not in pain, I needed direction.  Just to indicate how much my RE rocks…he wrote me right back.  Eased my mind and basically explained what he thinks the deal is here:


         In a nutshell…he thinks my uterus is confused. 

I have been instructed to stop Lupron and begin taking BCPs 2x a day for at least 1-2 weeks.  Apparently, after starting this, my bleeding should stop in a few days.  If it does not, then that might mean the endometrial lining is thicker than it should be and we might have to take further action more quickly.


So that’s the deal.  We are frustrated at our circumstances but we are also comfortable with the knowledge that we are in the right hands.  I wish this weren’t happening.  I wish we could move on our transfer date as scheduled, but patience is once again the only thing on the menu…and I’m not really in the mood to eat. 

Oh well, time to work up an appetite.


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