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As Laparotomy #3 approaches next week, I guess I should be more anticipatory of said procedure?  It honestly feels like it’s not really happening at all.  Like, next week I won’t have my left ovary removed and be cut open yet again.  It must be more of a “outta sight, outta mind” type thing.  Oh well.  It will arrive soon enough.

I have been more focused these past months on running a 5K than hopefully becoming a mom.  It’s been a welcome distraction and a wonderful experience all around.  I don’t think I have the words to accurately describe what it felt like to cross the finish line, hand in hand with my guy.  We worked and trained and ran and ran and ran for months to get to that point, and it was worth every shin splint and stitch.  We might not be able to have our own children, but goddamnit, we worked on this thing together and we reached our goal.  That, in and of itself, was a huge accomplishment for us…and we won’t shut up about it.  LoL.

So it’s a bit of a bummer that, once again, infertility comes to claim it’s prize…my time and health.  I won’t be able to run for weeks.  I will have all this down time during recovery to think…and think.  Another scar on my tummy to remind me of what’s not in there.  (Ugh.) Anyhow…I have a few projects that will hopefully keep my mind busy during the downtime, a doting husband who strives to make me my “rabbit food” by request and a delightful pooch that will be glad for the constant company.  I’m grateful for the very good things and feel lucky to have ’em. 🙂

So…after recovery, look out 10K…we’re comin’ for ya!

I have been so distracted and busy lately.

Between work, school and training I barely have the ability to cook and sleep properly. Thus, the bloggie, and my IF world attentions has suffered. But, seriously…who is dying to read about my laparotomy drama. Honestly.

Regardless and for the record, it’s been pushed off until November due to the fact that this three-hour, tandem surgery requires two specialists who’s dance cards are apparently almost full. But, it’s now finalized at last. So, I get to watch my poor husband fumble with our Thanksgiving turkey as I sit by and watch helplessly in the name of recovery.

All I know is, I got a “Go.Lytely” scrip hanging on my cork board laughing at me as the day before surgery grows near.


In my best Aunt Linda voice:  “This get’s one ‘Oh, brother’ and three ‘Criiiiippes’!”

Well, my chickadees…looks like this FET ain’t happenin’ anytime soon.

Went in for a SHG this morning only to find out three things:

1) My left ovarian cyst has grown and the doc is adamant that the ovary, at last, needs to be removed.

2) They also had a hard time getting the catheter into my uterus given all the lovely polyps that came about.  So that will need to be addressed before we do any more transfers…’cause really, what’s the point of transfer with all that crap going on.

3) Our original RE has left and moved on to a new hospital.

Ok, first of all, we always knew that left ovary was a goner at some point.  It just sucks that it has to happen now and like this.  Just when we were getting back on track.  Ugh, anyway, it’s for the best at the end of the day.  These things need to be addressed.  That left ovary has caused me so many problems over the past few years, and was producing so poorly during stims that it makes sense we bid it adieu at last.  According to doc, it would have eventually been the cause of many problems (some of which I had a nasty preview of a couple of years back) and I don’t really need to be waking up with obstructed bowels or ovarian torsion any day soon.  I got enough problems, thank you.

The polyps were an issue before.  Cleaned up at laparotomy #2 but since my last period, they have grown back.

Dr. C. being gone was a surprise.  To be honest, he was all but absent from our last retrieval/transfer and the RE who ended up doing it all is head of the practice anyway.  We like him a lot and feel good staying under his care as we continue.  I told Chris I feel an almost mystical connection to the guy now since he was basically the doc in charge who got us pregnant earlier this year.  He will be doing my lap along with another doc who worked on me at lap #2.  I’m just a regular patron there!  They alllllll know me.

So, it’s onto laparotomy #3 for me…


..I mean, YAYYYY!!!  Right?

Yay, I’ll be positive about this.  Yay, it’s for the best.  Yay, time to buck up and see the good side of more major surgery.



When are we ever gonna catch a break?

Me: 33  – Stage IV Endometriosis/Fibroids/Cysts/Blocked Tubes

-2006 Laparoscopy for removal of adhesions, endometrioma/cyst issue on left ovary

-Had follow up Hysterosalpingogram to check healing progress revealing blocked left tube and open right tube-

-2007 Laparotomy for removal of more adhesions & endometrioma/cyst on left ovary-

-Went on 6 months of Lupron injections-

-2008 Began looking to fertility treatments after 6 months of TTC with no positive results.  Had a Sonohysterogram to practice IVF transfer and found that uterine walls had adhesions-

-Laparotomy in 2008 for for removal of more adhesions & endometrioma, clearance of left tube along with removal   of uterine adhesions (D&C)-

-Jan-Mar/2009  three months of Lupron-

-2009 Had another Hysterosalpingogram to check progress of healing only to find that now both tubes are blocked-

Onward to IVF and beyond…we turn the page, again and again and again.


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