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Please forgive me as I verbally vomit…

{BEGIN VENT:}  So that Lupron shot…yeah… this past week has been nothing but drama surrounding that Lupron shot.  First it was calling in to pick up the shot at Walgreen’s with no insurance coverage for this type of medication. $600.  Sorry, but that’s just too much per shot.  Called back and played ring around the rosie with health insurance dittoheads (I call them/they tell me to call my Dr.’s office to have them call them/my Dr.’s office has me call them BACK just so they can call me and so on and so on as I start losing my marbles) until I finally got a number to a specialty pharmacy we could try.  Whew.  Thank goodness.

I order the shot, they tell me there may be a co-pay. I say- no prob.  Anything to not have to pay $600!!  Go in on Friday for the shot…it never arrived.  Nobody told me my Dr.’s office does not accept deliveries!!!??  In all those phone calls nobody apparently talked about this small fact?  I know I cleared it up with the pharmacy…I know THEY spoke with my Dr.’s office…so WTF??


So now do I not only lose a few hours of work, but I come to find that later on we have to pay $50 MORE for the shot from this waste of a time pharmacy!  So husband gets on the phone to raise hell with the specialty pharmacy and I get on the phone with Walgreen’s to make sure they still have our $600 shot as a backup.{ END OF VENT.}

All in all, the shot arrived on Saturday and I go in at 7AM on Monday for the injection and a blood draw.



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