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Expected high today:  82 degrees!!!

Yes, spring is here, spring is here, life is skittles and life is beer…

I’m in a chipper mood today with this absolutely beautiful weather.  I wish Chris wasn’t playing tonight as it is ideal grill & chill weather.  Ah, well.  We have a robin’s nest on our master bathroom window-sill that has two brilliant blue eggs in it.  At least somebody at our house is having babies.  ; )

We have finally ironed out the financing for our cycle, thank goodness.  I really, really hope we are successful this first time through.  The financial burden when you are infertile cuts so deeply both ways because whatever you do, weather it’s adoption or assisted reproduction, your gonna pay.   It’s just a fact of the situation.

Since we are not rich and we currently have some pretty dire debt; this is going to strech us thin.   So my advice to anyone who is looking to start a family – start saving NOW (just in case) and get your checkups NOW.  Do not wait.  That way you are prepared.  And, if you get preg naturally…then you have a little nest egg started in the bank. Ah, nest egg.  Dontcha love when posts come full circle?

If I could go back, I would have gotten a checkup regarding my pain before my wedding.  I would have started saving money in a seperate account for emergencies.  Hindsight is always 20/20…isn’t it?


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