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I am mentally bouncing off the walls and physically beat.  Stayed on moderate bed rest Friday after transfer and semi moderate bed rest yesterday.  Today, I am more up and about, but taking it easy.  Still feeling crampy a little bit so I tend to want to sit and rest more often than not.  Keeping busy is tough.  I would love to go outside and bike ride or start hauling laundry but I can’t right now.  It’s lots of TV, internet and games on my iPhone.  Lah de dah.

All injections are finished for now.  The only thing I am taking are the Endometrin inserts, which are a breeze compared to daily PIO shots.  Also taking my daily prenatal.  Which, oh crap, I should really take right now…

Ok, good thing I got up and did that…I had some eggs I was hard boiling that I TOTALLY forgot about.  Caught ’em just in the nick of time. What a space cadet I am this weekend.

It’s sunny and hot out so we have the A/C on…ahhh….love it.

Had a HUGE craving for smoked salmon this morning, but as I am attempting to eat as if I am PUPO, it is apparently not a good idea.  From what I read, Smoked Salmon is like most lunch meats and soft cheeses which could be contaminated with a small amount of Listeria.  I took no chances and just ended up cooking the salmon into some eggs.  That way any bad bacteria was killed off and I was able to chill out and enjoy my breakfast.

Other than that, it’s back to work  tomorrow.  Boo!

Hit the snooze button on my alarm at 7:00am this morning.  Rustled my butt out of bed by 7:15 for my Follistim shot, administered it, then crawled back into bed only to arise an hour later for the Ganirelix.  This shot is one of the two (the other being the Menopur) Chris gives me because I am too chickenshit to do it myself.  For some reason, I really felt the prick of the needles today, both the Follistim and Ganirelix.  Usually, the Follistim goes in with no problems, but this one made it’s presence known.  I flinched from the Ganirelix as well which has consistently left me itchy and irritated around the injection site for 10 minutes afterward.  Maybe my poor tummy is just over these shots.  Hopefully we will be on deck to trigger Monday or Tuesday night.  Fingers crossed!  We currently are in waiting for our final shipment of meds today.

Our Progesterone in oil arrived yesterday.  I was crossing my fingers that it would somehow be in Ethyl Oleate, but it was sesame.  Oh well, my mistake for not requesting it earlier.  I will be more than happy to suffer those thick oil shots from those big needles if we are successful. That is a small price to pay for a healthy pregnancy.

Physically:  Bloat.  I can start to feel the pressure in my lower back now.  Last night I just felt awful for about two hours- constipated, full and gross.  My appetite has felt askew as well.  I have awful cravings for cheesy, salty yum yums.  Just awful.  I force my usual spinach & arugula salad down my throat and it just does not taste good right now.  Ugh…I almost got nauseous yesterday eating the meals I usually salivate for.  Go figure.

Mentally:  Trying to keep grounded and brutally realistic whenever possible.  So much can still go wrong and we can still get cancelled if my estrogen doesn’t rise anymore.  I am crossing fingers that Monday’s ultrasound/lab shows us many mature follies and a doubled E2.

Well, tomorrow is the day.  Last Lupron shot.  I finally started really working out and eating right again.  Feel wonderful, really, and I am looking forward to finally finishing up this round of injections.  March 25th is the HSG to check the pipes.  Hope everything turns out ok.


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