Me: 36 – Stage IV Endometriosis/Fibroids/ Ovarian Cysts/Bilateral Hydrosalpinx (Blocked Tubes)

DH: 42- No issues

-2006 Laparoscopy #1 for removal of adhesions, endometrioma/cyst issue on left  ovary-
-Had follow up Hysterosalpingogram to check healing progress revealing blocked  left tube and open right tube-
-2007 Laparotomy for removal of more adhesions & endometrioma/cyst on left ovary-
-Went on 6 months of Lupron injections-
-2008 Began looking to fertility treatments after 6 months of TTC with no  positive results.  Had a Sonohysterogram to practice IVF transfer and found that  uterine walls had adhesions-
-Laparotomy #2 in 2008 for for removal of more adhesions & endometrioma, clearance  of left tube along with removal   of uterine adhesions (D&C)-
-Jan-Mar/2009  three months of Lupron-
-2009 Had another Hysterosalpingogram to check progress of healing only to find  that now both tubes are blocked-

-May 2009 IVF #1 /OHSS lead to cancellation and freezing of embryos-

-July 2009 FET#1-Canceled due to breakthrough ovulation

-September 2009 FET#1-Canceled due to confused uterus

-December 2009 FET#1- BFN

-February 2010 FET#2 – BFN

-May 2010 IVF #2 – BFP!!! (miscarried @ 8wks)

-July 2010 -D&C

-September 2010 -SHG (large ovarian cyst on L side/ uterine polyps found)

November 2010- Laparotomy #3- Removal of Left Ovary & uterine polyps

April 2011 FET#3-Cancelled after last four embryos did not survive thaw

April 2011-Moving on to new clinic

April-Sept-2011- 6 months of Lupron

Nov-2011 IVF#3 = 8 eggs /only 3 fertilize (ICSI & Assisted Hatching)

(transferred 2 five cell and a six cell)

Nov-2011 -Chemical Pregnancy

2012 = ?