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Up at 5am for a jaunt into the city for our ultrasound/lab.  Took the Follistim and Lupron beforehand.

Got the call this afternoon that I am to take my usual Menopur evening stim and then the Ovidrel trigger tonight at 11.

We are now on schedule for a Tuesday morning retrieval!

Hopefully it will be the good ship follipop with a slew of healthy, strong eggs just waiting to bloom into Grandparent bragging rights.  I hope, I hope, I hope!!!


Had the last ultrasound today and this one was a bear.  Getting up at 5:30am, getting two shots and leaving for an hour car ride with no breakfast…is no fun…BUT we had an amazing breakfast afterward so all in all I should not be complaining.

Got the call from Nurse today- my E2 has shot up to 2404!!  I’ve been instructed to trigger at 2am which comes with great relief being as we planned our meds down to the last drop of Follistim and used our last dose this morning.  The clinic provided us with a backup Ganirelix and 300IUs of Follistim just in case we needed one more day of stims, but now we can just bring those back on Thursday since I won’t need them tomorrow. (Cue cha-cha dance)

The thought of not having shots tomorrow is just divine.  It was getting a little old these past few days, but onward we go and I hope, I hope, I hope we get some super fantastic high quality eggies that are ready to mambo with hubby’s, um, er… representatives.

**2AM Update: Trigger has been pulled.  Easy in, easy out.  Onto the next lilly pad!


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