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Oy, the cramping!  Lower abdomen feels like it was punched a few hundred times.  I am, so far, not a true candidate for any OHSS being as I have pooed and peed, not run any fever, and not had any nausea or vomiting or severe abdominal swelling.  I would be lying, though, if I did not state that I am severely uncomfortable.  The cramping is terrible and I feel a little bit like I did when I got back from my first Laproscopy.  But this retrieval was a crazy procedure, so I should have expected this. ((Crazy procedure also considering the fact that while going under anesthesia I decided to serenade the room with my woozy version of  “Cockles & Mussels”!)) ((Face-plant!)). I’ll keep on taking my Tylenol ES and keep on relaxing today and tomorrow.

Got the call from the clinic today…7 our of our 8 eggies decided to partner up and fertilize!!!!  YAY!  Now we wait until Sunday to see how far they get.  Our transfer time is 8:30am.

Oh, and we need to start those Progesterone in Oil shots tonight.  BOOO PIO shots!  BOO!  Those needles look like spears and they have to be intramuscular injections…BOO!  But, if this means a healthy BFP for us and thusly a healthy pregnancy…than stick that shit in!


Mood swings off the charts–Sometimes I actually fall into despair: “…this is just not worth it… I have totally lost the idea of what having a child even means at this point…This is all so meaningless…”  Add to that some pretty nasty irritability and I am ready to pop off at a moments notice.  Brain thumping headaches that don’t always go away with that prescription dose of Ibuprofen. Like, the kind that hurt behind your eyes?
And the wost?…soreness.  HORRIBLY sore. I take off my bra and it hurts. I dare wear a tee shirt without a one and it feels like I ran two marathons back to back.  An almost unfair level of soreness.  I now sleep in a sports bra all the time.

On another note…still waiting to see what will happen with our second Lupron shot.  We are in the middle of a “who receives?” volley of phone calls and I think I unwittingly set my OBGyn’s nurses against my RE’s nurses.   It’s a virtual medical smack-down.  Tune in later to see who wins…


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