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Final shot and blood draw completed.  HSG next.

The headaches from the Lupron are unreal.  Sometimes lasting 24 hours!  All the ibuprofen in the world makes no difference.  Hot flashes come and go.  Not as dramatically as last time thank goodness.  It’s hard with Lupron to tell sometimes.  You know how during summer if you’re outside you are usually getting eaten alive by mosquitoes?  Then when you are finally indoors, you still feel like you’re getting bit??  That’s what these side effects are like.  They start to run in with the normal every day pings and pangs of your body until pretty soon you wonder if your just going nuts.  Or is that just the mood swings?  Hmm.

Friggin Lupron.

Got my second Lupron shot this past Friday.  Some hot flashes have started to take hold here and there.  Nothing new to report otherwise.

Chris stepped in and fixed our Lupron order issue.  We have the shots delivered to our house and I bring them to appointments.  What a mess.  Nobody can tell you the stupid hiccups that you will inevitably face going through insurance for reproductive issues in a non-mandate state.  Some medication is covered, some is not.   My endo needs treatment and the Lupron is essentially for that treatment…BUT Lupron is also used in IVF to suppress, so you have to make sure your ducks are in a row when dealing with the insurance representatives.


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