I have been so distracted and busy lately.

Between work, school and training I barely have the ability to cook and sleep properly. Thus, the bloggie, and my IF world attentions has suffered. But, seriously…who is dying to read about my laparotomy drama. Honestly.

Regardless and for the record, it’s been pushed off until November due to the fact that this three-hour, tandem surgery requires two specialists who’s dance cards are apparently almost full. But, it’s now finalized at last. So, I get to watch my poor husband fumble with our Thanksgiving turkey as I sit by and watch helplessly in the name of recovery.

All I know is, I got a “Go.Lytely” scrip hanging on my cork board laughing at me as the day before surgery grows near.


In my best Aunt Linda voice:  “This get’s one ‘Oh, brother’ and three ‘Criiiiippes’!”