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"Idealism is what precedes experience, cynicism is what follows.” - David Wolf

Re: Two weeks of bleeding.  Ok…So…Talked to Dr.’s office today.  Went from being totally cancelled to back on the regular schedule.  They originally wanted me to double up my BCPs to hopefully stop bleeding and to totally stop the Lupron.  Then the nurse called me back and told me to hang tight.  So, I waited and finally got the call to just take today’s and tomorrow’s BCPs as usual along with the 20 units of Lupron.  Oook.  So we are back on…for now.  TBD.  Tentative.  Totally have no idea.  Possible cancellation in near future.  Who knows.  Whatever. 

They don’t know if it is a level imbalance, a late menstrual release or something else…but I guess we just continue and will see.  I would have thought they would want me to come in for some blood work or an u/s, but according to the nurse, my chart and timing, of all of this could just be a anomaly that may wind down with the absence of the BCPs. 

I still have a pit in my stomach that this transfer is going to be the longest running joke in our lives.

So the bloodletting continues.  Something is wrong here.  Very wrong.  Two weeks of continual AF bleeding is something that has simply never happened to me before.  I am bracing for the bad news to come after I call Dr. tomorrow. 

I wish I could say I am surprised, but I guess deep down I always knew something might come up.  I hoped for the best, now I am preparing for the worst.

Either way I started Lupron injections on Friday. 20 units.  Supposed to stop BCPs on Tuseday.  I guess this is going to be moot soon.


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