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Preparing to travel on Saturday as we start the Lupron/Doxycycline portion of our IVF#2 cycle.  Well, the injections/antibiotics start on Tuesday but I still have to travel for the first time with meds and needles in three days.  I’m not going to stress about it since, from what I’ve read, if you have your stuff clearly marked and in it’s original package you shouldn’t have any real issues.

There is a portion on the TSA website dedicated to traveling with meds that require injection. I’m just keeping that Lupron in the little 14-Day kit it came in, packing a small sharps box and hoping for the best. Some women have gotten notes from their RE’s for the medication but from what I have read, they have never been asked to produce it.  I won’t be getting a note.  The kit I have has a huge scrip sticker on the top with my name on it.

Also, on a random note, trying desperately to avoid coffee.

Anywhoo, taking BCP’s every morning and starting Doxycycline/Lupron (10 units) on Tuesday.


We got our stash of meds for this upcoming FET cycle last week and I am pleased to report that the needles for my Lupron injections are teeeny, teeny, tiny!  This basically means I can give myself these little pricks each day being that they are so close to the size of the Follistim pen needle point.  The Follistim was almost strangely neat to administer because I was always waiting for the prick, and it was always not a big deal.  I dunno, it made me feel like not such a sissy about needles, I suppose.  So along with the Lupron was have the Estridol (Estrace) which has a lovely breakdown on how prolonged use couldcause breast, ovarian and other various nasty types of cancer.  Lov-er-ly.

Physically:  Nothing major to report.  I have fallen off the proverbial wagon when it comes to healthy food since I tend to eat my feelings, this was my kryptonite.

Mentally:  I am trying to just stay zen as long as I can.


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