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Great news!  Out of the 7 eggs retrieved, out of all 7 injected…all 7 fertilized!!!

We go in on Friday morning for transfer.

I’m going to just try to enjoy this moment knowing that fragmentation could be undesirable and so many other factors that can go wrong… it’s important to just take in that we got to this point again.

All in all today was very by the book.  We went in this morning and followed the usual routines: check in, gown up, sign paperwork, get IV in, get on table and POOF, out to the world.  When I woke up I got the news that the haul was 7 eggs.  Of course you always hope you get a slew of ’em for odds sake, but this number is nothing to sneeze at.  Last year this time it was 8 eggs so I am on my course for the usual haul.  So, no hyperstimming and no real discomfort beyond what you would expect after a procedure like this.   It’s so nice not to feel like my abdomen is going to explode.

We picked up some soup and salad for lunch, headed home, ate and slept away the afternoon.  I have off the rest of the week and, pending the results of our fert report, am on scheduled to transfer on Friday (three days away).  I have a wedding shower on Saturday that will most likely have to slide so I can honor some good old-fashioned bed rest.

As far as what the doc said, it looks like my left ovary was literally stuck to my uterus due to that endometrioma.  Gross thought, huh?  He said it made it tough to get to those few follies on that side, but he was pleased with what they aspirated from the right ovary, so it wasn’t a huge deal.  I don’t know how that plays into the transfer/implantation, but we will cross that bridge when we come to it.  Doctor did say that it would need to be addressed at some point, though.  Ugh.  The thought of going in for another Laparotomy is not something I want to have to think about right now.

So, hopefully there is a little party going on in our petri dishes and everybody partners up!

Had a much better day today than this time last year.  No awful, heavy tummy.  No trouble moving around.  It was truly manageable and almost normal.

Tonight I finally started to feel really bloated and full.  Not painful, just full.  Had some dinner and now I really feel it.  Just cuddling in for sleep now.  On a side note, I do have to say it was a pleasure to not have any shots today.  Ahh, soooo nice.

A little nervous about tomorrow, but we are hoping for the best.

May the count be large and the quality high!


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