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We have our next ultrasound tomorrow morning.  Crossing fingers for healthy, good lookin’ follies and a smashing E2 result!!!

Physically: Bloat.  Feel like I slept on a full stomach…that sour, full feeling?  Ugh.  Can we talk about appetite??  I can’t believe how my cravings took over the past few days.  We got pizza last night because I needed cheesy, bread with sauce.  It was like…life or death.  Between my eating normally smaller meals and the swelling ovaries taking up more room in my abdomen, I was stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey.  Of course it didn’t help that the calzone was the size of my leg. 

Mentally: Trying to just stay calm.  I think of things I could accomplish should this not work out.  The garage frame could use repainting and I can get back to working out.  Just making lists in my head to keep realistic.

Oh, and by the by, maybe it’s that my backside is sensitive from all of these shots or I am getting worse at taking them…but the evening Menopur injection BUUUUUURRRNED like hell tonight.  I am starting to corner myself up against our kitchen counter so I won’t flinch away from Chris when he administers these scorpion stings.


Hit the snooze button on my alarm at 7:00am this morning.  Rustled my butt out of bed by 7:15 for my Follistim shot, administered it, then crawled back into bed only to arise an hour later for the Ganirelix.  This shot is one of the two (the other being the Menopur) Chris gives me because I am too chickenshit to do it myself.  For some reason, I really felt the prick of the needles today, both the Follistim and Ganirelix.  Usually, the Follistim goes in with no problems, but this one made it’s presence known.  I flinched from the Ganirelix as well which has consistently left me itchy and irritated around the injection site for 10 minutes afterward.  Maybe my poor tummy is just over these shots.  Hopefully we will be on deck to trigger Monday or Tuesday night.  Fingers crossed!  We currently are in waiting for our final shipment of meds today.

Our Progesterone in oil arrived yesterday.  I was crossing my fingers that it would somehow be in Ethyl Oleate, but it was sesame.  Oh well, my mistake for not requesting it earlier.  I will be more than happy to suffer those thick oil shots from those big needles if we are successful. That is a small price to pay for a healthy pregnancy.

Physically:  Bloat.  I can start to feel the pressure in my lower back now.  Last night I just felt awful for about two hours- constipated, full and gross.  My appetite has felt askew as well.  I have awful cravings for cheesy, salty yum yums.  Just awful.  I force my usual spinach & arugula salad down my throat and it just does not taste good right now.  Ugh…I almost got nauseous yesterday eating the meals I usually salivate for.  Go figure.

Mentally:  Trying to keep grounded and brutally realistic whenever possible.  So much can still go wrong and we can still get cancelled if my estrogen doesn’t rise anymore.  I am crossing fingers that Monday’s ultrasound/lab shows us many mature follies and a doubled E2.

Started my second vial of Follistim today.  We are expecting more Menopur to be delivered today as we used up the last two vials last night.  Oh, that burning, awful Menopur.  Blech. We are trying to limit what we spend on meds and order the doses in spurts.  This way, we hope, we won’t be left with six hundred bucks of meds sitting around if something goes wrong or our cycle gets cancelled.

So, my morning routine goes as follows for stims:

Wake up. Make spinach, chicken & red pepper salad for lunch.  Pack salad, eggs, blackberries & apple for lunch. Get out ice pack and slip under waistband to ice injection site.  Wash hands.  Prep Follstim shot.  Remove ice pack.  Swab injection site on tummy with Alcohol.  Allow to dry.  Dial dose on Follistim pen.  Administer shot.  Cap and remove needle & dispose in Sharps box.  Take Doxycycline with water.  Get dressed and off to work.

When I get to work, I eat my egg whites and take the prenatal.  It’s just non stop excitement.

Physically:  I am starting to feel the bloating side effect of these hormones.  Ugh, they just make you feel kind of full.  Like you ate a big dinner and it’s an hour later and you still feel full.

Mentally:  I. am. out. of. it.  There is no other way to put it.  Just in a fog.  Yesterday while driving home from work, I almost rear ended the car in front of me while I was changing lanes.  I can’t hold a decent conversation over 2 minutes because I just zone out.  It has to be the hormones.


Mood swings off the charts–Sometimes I actually fall into despair: “…this is just not worth it… I have totally lost the idea of what having a child even means at this point…This is all so meaningless…”  Add to that some pretty nasty irritability and I am ready to pop off at a moments notice.  Brain thumping headaches that don’t always go away with that prescription dose of Ibuprofen. Like, the kind that hurt behind your eyes?
And the wost?…soreness.  HORRIBLY sore. I take off my bra and it hurts. I dare wear a tee shirt without a one and it feels like I ran two marathons back to back.  An almost unfair level of soreness.  I now sleep in a sports bra all the time.

On another note…still waiting to see what will happen with our second Lupron shot.  We are in the middle of a “who receives?” volley of phone calls and I think I unwittingly set my OBGyn’s nurses against my RE’s nurses.   It’s a virtual medical smack-down.  Tune in later to see who wins…


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