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I had my first 10 unit dose of Lupron last night in preparation for our upcoming FET.  Problem is, I was supposed to have taken my first dose the night BEFORE.  So, naturally, I panicked.  Then realized it was out of my hands and, after all, I only missed one day so what is the harm?  I mean really now.  Yet, I still feel like a ding-dong for the mistake.

In my aim to shift focusing so hard off these cycles to retain a sense of normalcy, maybe I let the pendulum swing a bit too far?  I mean, I am full steam ahead on work, classes AND the Couch to 5K.  I have to admit it’s been wonderful being so busy.  It has done wonders in helping me focus on the future and not have it always be about babies, babies, babies.  Now it’s shin splints, homework, looking for a better job and naps when I can get ’em.  I love me some naps.

So, anyway…I got the shot done and damn-it if I don’t ALREADY feel a migraine coming on!  Oh Lupron…suck it.  I’m giving this cycle over to the forces of nature.

I feel amazing since we started training.  Four weeks ago Chris and I couldn’t get through 30 second runs without wheezing.  Now we can sail through 5 minutes at a clip!  We are eating AMAZINGLY well (I might give birth to spinach if not a baby soon), and we feel so good.  So much better than before.  So, I know I’m doing what’s right for me and my body.

It’s your ball Mother Nature.


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