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I am mentally bouncing off the walls and physically beat.  Stayed on moderate bed rest Friday after transfer and semi moderate bed rest yesterday.  Today, I am more up and about, but taking it easy.  Still feeling crampy a little bit so I tend to want to sit and rest more often than not.  Keeping busy is tough.  I would love to go outside and bike ride or start hauling laundry but I can’t right now.  It’s lots of TV, internet and games on my iPhone.  Lah de dah.

All injections are finished for now.  The only thing I am taking are the Endometrin inserts, which are a breeze compared to daily PIO shots.  Also taking my daily prenatal.  Which, oh crap, I should really take right now…

Ok, good thing I got up and did that…I had some eggs I was hard boiling that I TOTALLY forgot about.  Caught ’em just in the nick of time. What a space cadet I am this weekend.

It’s sunny and hot out so we have the A/C on…ahhh….love it.

Had a HUGE craving for smoked salmon this morning, but as I am attempting to eat as if I am PUPO, it is apparently not a good idea.  From what I read, Smoked Salmon is like most lunch meats and soft cheeses which could be contaminated with a small amount of Listeria.  I took no chances and just ended up cooking the salmon into some eggs.  That way any bad bacteria was killed off and I was able to chill out and enjoy my breakfast.

Other than that, it’s back to work  tomorrow.  Boo!


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