Back at work. Still bloated and cramping today.  I am super tired and can’t tell if it’s the Endometrin or the fact that my internal clock has shifted from these past few days of bed rest.  Can’t wait to get home.  Not to mention that the air conditioning absolutely stinks here.  I think it’s a solid 80 degrees in my office and I have currently lent my fan to one of the older freelancers upstairs since his office is a hot box with no window.

Ugh, just get me in cool air.  Every now and then I nip into the empty office on the first floor….it’s like Alaska cold in there.

I continue to have small cramping and pulling in my lower abdomen.  That left ovary acts up here and there.  It’s sort of like a feeling of inflammation and it’s just not comfortable.  I want to take some Tylenol but may have to call and see if that’s ok to do right now.  It’s most likely a mild form of OHSS or something.  I’ve felt that inflammation before…and it was much, much worse.

Honestly, I just want to get home, shower and pass out.

May this week go mercifully fast.