So, this morning we went in and suited up for our embryo transfer.  Having been through this part of the process twice before, we were prepared for the whole routine.  Chris gave me my morning PIO shot.  I knew just how much water to drink before going in so that I had a full bladder for transfer, but not too full.  I knew to bring a pillow for the drive home.  Chris even knew to bring the tie from my bathrobe to lightly fasten around my knees to help me keep them up and together for that 30-40 minute wait after transfer.  We are like old pros.

Of all the 7 that fertilized, all 7 were still dividing today.  Some better than others.  We ended up transferring three: One 8 cell, one 7 cell and one 6 cell.  The rest were around 4 cells that we will freeze.

So, now comes the time where you try to almost forget you did this.  You try to be careful for the 2ww, but carry on with life.  My great challenge always is to hold off on the “symptom checks”.  I have to remember that the Endometrin gives me wicked “pregnancy” side effects so it’s useless to get caught up in the minutiae of it all.

We go in on June 2nd for our beta.

So, here I am on bed rest watching Barefoot Contessa and taking it easy.

Here we go again….