A full week into Lupron and those good ol’ headaches/migraines are back in full swing.  The morning shots are such a breeze now.  Just another part of my morning routine between blending the breakfast smoothie and slapping together lunch.

Had a horrible final exam last night.  Head pounding and completely unable to focus I walked out of there having given all I could muster after a full day of work and lack of sleep.  I’m not feeling so hot about what the results may be but  I did my best and have to leave it at that.

Oh, also on traveling with meds (syringes and Lupron) SOOOOO not a big deal.  I just made it a point to mention to the TSA screeners that there was medication in my carry-on bag and that was that.  I don’t think they even cared, really.  So after that, I feel MUCH better about the concept of traveling and doing IVF.  Since we are going to a wedding in San Fran this weekend I am grateful for the trial run!

Husband and I have finished up our Doxycycline.  I go in for my baseline ultrasound next Wednesday and if all looks good, we could be starting stims at the end of next week.


It’s National Infertility Awareness Week (April 24th – May 1st)!!!