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take it easy

Holy Crap I cannot believe that 2009 is almost over.  This year has been such a roller coaster and I am sure we are nowhere near any sort of final rail on this ride.  I remember jokingly predicting this summer that we would get to Christmas ’09 with no good news on the baby front.  Well I suppose we did get good baby news…about my preggers again SIL, two of my girlfriends (one having their first, the other their second), countless women on Facebook who update CONSTANTLY about their growing bellies, and stupid Kourtney Kardashian…really?.   Yeah, I’m happy for ya, ladies.  It’s so great how you were “surprised” and how you weren’t “even going to start trying until winter”.  That is so awesome that you fell into the family way so swiftly!  Now shut the fuck up about it…k?  Ok, ok…just kidding.  (No…really…dial it down a notch.)  Ha ha…um…yeah.  Shut it.

With everyone else’s “good news”  there always comes another’s bad.  We have seen good people struggle with losses that are unfair and unfortunate.  Every time I find myself getting down about our situation, I think about those people and check myself right quick.  Their ultimate happiness is something we should all be rooting for and we cannot pretend to understand how much more difficult their road is to walk.   I keep them in my heart and continue to hold fast that their “good news” comes along.  They so deserve it.

I started Lupron shots on Sunday and, as usual, the crazies have slowly made their small appearances here and there.  I also take my last BCP today (woot!).  Chris is battling insurance over our Progesterone suppositories that are about to set us back another $500, but that’s how it goes.  Other than that I’m eating better, attempting small bouts of yoga and taking it easy.

It’s been getting colder out here so we are making more fires and chilling out at the house.  It’s cozy good times with a crackling fire, my relaxed husband, our stinky Doritos smellin’ poochie and a cool glass of bubbly.

It’s all about enjoying the good things that are here and now.


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