Big Belly Undies

So, tomorrow we go in to see what we’ve got to transfer.  I am still, as of this moment, super crampy and heavy in the abdomen.  Nothing eases this- not Tylenol, not a heating pad, not stretching, not lots of water and pineapple…nothing.  It is just there when I get up, move or walk around- and it gets worse whenever I eat.  Let me put it this way…if I was forced at gunpoint to do jumping jacks, I would surrender nuclear codes.   Oh, and the bloating is outrageous!  Last night I was reduced to wearing my “Borat” hospital underwear from back when I had my Laparotomy just so I could be comfortable.

This feeling is of great concern to me since during the ET tomorrow, I believe they will be doing an outer ultrasound on my abdomen…LOTS of pushing down on said abdomen.  Yeah, that is gonna hurt.  I really hope I feel a bit better by then.

Had my first PIO shot yesterday.  Talked Chris into trading out the big needle for the smaller one for the shot.  Not so bad but the soreness afterward is noticeable.  I am allowing the larger needle for tonight’s shot…I hope I don’t regret it.  I mean, it IS and intramuscular shot after all.  Ugh…I just don’t get along with needles.