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Last night was probably the most uncomfortable I have been so far in this process.  The pressure that has built up in my abdomen is a little beyond annoying so sitting in a comfortable position does not exist when you feel like that.  I could not wait to go to bed so I could just lie down.  When I woke this morning, I felt much better which, naturally, made me nervous…”did I ovulate???”…”maybe this isn’t going to work today?”.  It only took an hour of being up and about for the pressure to return, so I feel like I did last night (bloated, uncomfortable) and never thought I would be relieved about it!?

We are leaving at quarter to twelve for the clinic because I am a nervous nelly that needs to be early for everything.  I am gathering all my energy to put towards many healthy, strong, mature eggies to be retrieved today!!  Crossing fingers!  I will update later on…


**5:35pm:  Back from retrieval.  They got 8 eggies and apparently there were a few more follicles but Dr.C was pleased with the haul and besides, the follies were in a precarious position on the ovary which would have made him pass directly through…something he was not inclined to do.  All in all everything went smoothly and now we await the call to see how the pitri dance goes.  Hopefully we will do a transfer on Sunday!


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