Apart from thinking that my Ovidrel shot was going to turn me into some lizard creature while I slept, the only side effects I feel are the bloat.  My lower abdomen is just full and I have some light cramps.

We are to report to the clinic tomorrow by 1:15pm for our retrieval so I am not allowed any food or drink after midnight tonight.  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous.

Physically: Having to sit all day at work and being this bloated is supremely uncomfortable.   I keep having to stand and walk around just to get the cramping to ease.  Something tells me that I won’t be feeling much better on Friday either, but whaddya gonna do? I also feel extremely sleepy today, like if I sit still for any extended amount of time, I could just drift off into a nap.  Wonder if that’s all the meds?

Totally craved egg mcmuffins something awful this morning but I did the right thing and had my 4 egg whites.  Also had my Fage yogurt and spinach/arugula/goat cheese/edamame salad….but, seriously, I would  dance naked in the rain for a cheeseburger.

Mentally:  I am excited.  I have to be honest, I am.  There is a need to tamp down expectations here because I fight thinking beyond Thursday or the weekend for fear of getting any hopes up.  I am so pleased we got this far and don’t want to start flying off into fantasy territory.  Yesterday I was walking down our hallway and the thought popped into my head “which room would be the nursery?” and I had to bat it away, had to smite it from the brain receptors!  I can already try to imagine the horrible disappointment we would feel when the call came in that our beta stunk and nothing took, or that they only got 3 eggs and they look terrible, or that nothing fertilized…see? I could go on all day like this!

Anyhow…going to keep even keel and think like Sully.  Steady as she goes.