This part of the IVF process usually starts to feel like Groundhog day.  You know you were just here, yet again you find yourself sitting getting a blood draw and awaiting the ultrasound.  So it was this morning…again.  Ovaries and follies are much bigger and more pronounced which we were happy to see.  Got the call from the nurse with our results:

R. Ovary: 16.5, 15,13, two@12.5mm (total of 5 follies)

L. Ovary: 16.5, 15.5, 15, 14.5, two@ 13.5,12.5 and two@12 (total of 9 follies)

E2 level is 1502

So fourteen follies so far and I was so psyched to see my E2 level so much higher.  Dr. C says we could trigger tomorrow night but wants to see me one more time to double check the growth.  Triggering tomorrow night means me giving myself the shot… but the needle looks manageable and I don’t have much of a choice since Chris will be away for a job.  So tomorrow morning (bright and early) we will drag ass at 6am into the city for our final ultrasound and lab.

I have to mention that I have been obsessing over IVF message boards, blogs and youtube channels.   Some of these women are incredible about sharing their situations so reading about or watching their experiences makes this journey feel a little more bearable.