intramuscular shot locations

We have our next ultrasound tomorrow morning.  Crossing fingers for healthy, good lookin’ follies and a smashing E2 result!!!

Physically: Bloat.  Feel like I slept on a full stomach…that sour, full feeling?  Ugh.  Can we talk about appetite??  I can’t believe how my cravings took over the past few days.  We got pizza last night because I needed cheesy, bread with sauce.  It was like…life or death.  Between my eating normally smaller meals and the swelling ovaries taking up more room in my abdomen, I was stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey.  Of course it didn’t help that the calzone was the size of my leg. 

Mentally: Trying to just stay calm.  I think of things I could accomplish should this not work out.  The garage frame could use repainting and I can get back to working out.  Just making lists in my head to keep realistic.

Oh, and by the by, maybe it’s that my backside is sensitive from all of these shots or I am getting worse at taking them…but the evening Menopur injection BUUUUUURRRNED like hell tonight.  I am starting to corner myself up against our kitchen counter so I won’t flinch away from Chris when he administers these scorpion stings.