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Had our 2nd ultrasound this morning .  So far so good.  Although from what I understand I have one follie on each ovary.

R. Ovary: 14mm

L. Ovary: 10.5mm

E2 level is 194, which is good since it went up.

 Uterine lining : 5mm.

I really wish there were a few more than that.  It just seems like a low follie count for five days of stims.  We have been instructed to up our Menopur from 2 to 3 vials a night, continue with the Follistim and to start the daily Ganirelix injections to tomorrow.  Our 3rd ultrasound is on Friday.  Crossing fingers for many more good lookin’ follies and spectacular labs!

Had a minor freak-out this afternoon when we realized we didn’t have the Ganirelix on hand to start first thing tomorrow morning.  I called Chris screaming like a mental patient and, as always, he took care of it.  Which meant calling Dr.’s answering service to make sure it wasn’t the endof the world if I took the shot afternoon- Doc called Chris personally and said it was totally fine.  He’s cool as a cucumber that husband of mine.  We should be getting the rest of all the medication tomorrow.  Major crises averted.

Physically:  I feel the bloat.  Blotus Operandi.  Bloaty Bloatstein.  The Bloat Master. I can feel my left ovary a lil’ bit when I sit curled up.

Mentally:  Yeah, I am a ditz and I am fully aware of it.  We got groceries delivered yesterday and I put our pup in the office and shut the door so she wouldn’t get out.  Well, we got the groceries and put them away and Chris gave me my shot..and then was like “Where is the dog?” …. “Oh, shit!”.  I went and let her out.  Poor pup never made a peep. I opened the office door and she was just sitting there being so good as if to say “See Mom?  I was waiting here just like this waiting for you and you almost forgot about me!”.  Ugh, the guilt.


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