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We have a nice routine.  Morning Follistim @ 7:30am, evening Menopur @ 5:30pm, 1 Doxycycline each and my prenatal. I ate like a horse this weekend.  I think it was just nerves from the whirlwind..y’know?  Or that is just a giant excuse for me to eat four Belgian waffles with melted dark chocolate.  Ugh!

I spoke to one of the Nurses at Dr.C’s office regarding the fact that I started bleeding on Saturday 2 hours after my first Follistim shot.  Apparently it is just a period.  When I stopped taking the BC pills on Thursday, it just took a day or two for me to finally bleed it out.  So, I am not dying and we are ok.  Whew.  The nurse said it was better that I have my period now as opposed to when they would want to do the retrieval, so I am taking that as good news.  The ol’ body is working after all.

Physically:  I feel almost a little high.  Either it is my lack of sleep or these hormones or I am just buzzy at the fact that we are finally doing this.  Those Menopur shots suck, but it is a small amount of pain in the big picture.

Mentally: I feel reserved and cautious.  The example of this whole experience that seems to sum it up correctly for us is the “Lilly Pad”.  Like each step in IVF is a Lilly pad you hop to; baseline ultrasound & blood work- Lilly pad #1, second ultrasound & bw- Lilly pad #2.  And on and on until we get to hop across the pond safely to the other side & our healthy baby.  So I guess what I am saying is, in the end, we’re just a coupla’ frogs.  ; )


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